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Unwavering Champions for Education
Charterhouse School, an affiliate of UMFS, offers year-round comprehensive educational services for students ages 11 to 22 in the Child & Family Healing Center at UMFS and to day school students from the greater Richmond area and through Charterhouse School-Edinburg in Shenandoah County. We're licensed by the Virginia Department of Education and accredited by the Virginia Association of Specialized Education Facilities. Our teachers and staff are champions for students with specialized educational needs.

Charterhouse School’s curriculum is aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning and offers a broad range of middle and high school courses in language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, health and physical education, art, horticulture, computer technology, and service learning. Charterhouse School’s career and technical education programs offer students an introduction to the skills they need to be successful in life. The curriculum also allows students to undertake independent study; i.e., GED preparation or online classes for high school credit. Extracurricular activities such as music, book club, and drama are also offered.

Charterhouse A 'Miracle' School

Read more about the success of our Charterhouse School- Edinburg in this feature story from the Daily News-Record.