High School Senior Helps Students Fight Bullying

Maggie Laughlin isn’t a stranger to bullying. The 17-year-old senior at Central High School in Woodstock, VA has been the subject of rumors and bullying “to the point where you have to understand that words do hurt and I was hurt a lot,” Maggie said.

Rather than focusing on the negative, Maggie chose to ignore the gossip and turn her experiences into something positive. She’s been stopping by Charterhouse School – Edinburg since September of last year to teach students in grades K-12 that bullying doesn’t have to be tolerated in schools. Her lessons help the students understand the different kinds of bullying, including physical, verbal and cyber bullying. “I think there is good in every single kid. All of them have a purpose. I want to help them find that purpose and help them realize that they are not alone and they all have a future,” Maggie said.