Courage to Succeed Blog

My Internship at the Walker House

By Laura, participant in the Courage to Succeed Program.

Laura in front of the Walker House, the site for her 2015/2016 part-time internship at UMFS.

Currently, I’m working as an intern at UMFS’ own Walker House. It’s interesting, because there are many tasks that I get assigned to do when I come in. There was a project that involved scrapbooks and it honestly surprised me how long people were working at UMFS. But, it’s helping me gain more office experience with each task. For example, labeling envelopes can be a bit repetitive, but it surprises me because there are many people who contribute to UMFS and its employees. The overall experience is amazing and I’m really learning a lot about UMFS and its history; it’s fascinating, really. I really enjoy working there, and I hope to use these skills in future job opportunities.

Courage to Succeed is Charterhouse School’s college program for students with neurological differences, including high functioning autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, and traumatic brain injury. The program seeks to help students learn skills that will help them earn a college degree, work in their chosen field, and live a productive, independent, and happy life.