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Summer Jobs and Internships Part 2

This summer Courage to Succeed students participated in internships and jobs in the Greater Richmond Area. The summer provides the perfect opportunity for C2S students to practice the skills they have learned throughout the year and to receive real on-the-job experience.  Last week we shared a few of their stories read further to hear a few more.


This summer I had an internship with IT4Causes I did very well. However I was not the only one with an internship as each summer everyone in C2S who is going to be partaking in classes the next semester has to have an internship.

This is about me however, in my internship I worked on websites in WordPress. I helped fix problems with the sites, as well as made improvements. I did so well that one of the clients of IT4Causes asked me to do maintenance on the site I worked on for his nonprofit with a rate of 25$ per hour!

Of course I likely won’t be doing very much of this, and will only be working when needed. I also stress that not all C2S internships will turn out like this, but it also shows that you never know what will happen with an internship.



Over the summer I worked a part-time job at the Patrick Henry YMCA. I worked under the property director. I was tasked with keeping the property clean by picking up trash, cleaning windows, etc. I had a good experience working at the Y. It was hard, but it felt good getting it finished and I got paid for it. I want to continue around winter break and hope that I will be able to do so.

-Paul F.


My internship at VA Film Office: I discovered more of an interest in the world of film. I learned that I can be more independent, type faster, and be self sufficient when it came to office tasks. I also got the information about doing the 48 hour film project in Norfolk, VA making my film acting debut.



My internship was at Commonwealth Autism. I had a good time there. The people were friendly and I always had something to do. I learned a lot about the office and business setting.

-Paul S.