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Courage to Succeed Students Discuss College Life

Courage to Succeed students are halfway through their Fall 2016 semester at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. Three students share their experiences with college life below!

I’ve been enjoying the classes I’m currently attending at Reynolds Community College. I am taking Sociology this semester, and have found it to be really interesting. Sociology has been really fun to take, as I have always enjoyed courses like this. My teachers have been helpful with any trouble I experience, and have been very accommodating towards my disabilities. The C2S program has also been helpful with keeping me on task with my schoolwork. I don’t have any doubt in my mind that I can succeed this semester.  – Spencer


College classes are different than high school classes. You have more flexibility about time and schedule and more control over your schedule and time the class is. There are several types of classes such as online class, traditional type of class, and hybrid type of class. For me I am taking two types of college level classes such as an online class and traditional class. College level classes are more of a challenge than high school classes.

It is always important to ask for accommodations for college levels, but you have to be on top of it and stay on it.  If you need accommodations you need to ask for the accommodations. For the accommodations office.  The class that I am taking are CSC 155 02PR Computer Concepts and Applications and PED 117 DL01 Fitness Walking.  – Chase


One thing many should know about my experiences is the way the classes at College are done. Generally, unlike in high school, college classes have much more varied lengths, generally ranging from anywhere of around 50 minutes to up to around 2 hours. This is because unlike normal school, you can choose what time you want to take your class, and the length depends on how many days a week you have that class. The longer the class, the less days you generally take them, though variations do exist. This allows you to customize your own schedule at college to your liking based on how much time is the week you have to do any of the work given to you by the teachers in the classes. – Nathan