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Recycling at UMFS

Reed, a Courage to Succeed student, has taken on the responsibility of collecting recycling for the entire UMFS campus this summer. He has also created an information sheet that specifies which types of items are recyclable to improve UMFS sustainability efforts. Hear more about Reed’s experience below:

“The job that I have been doing for UMFS is recycling for the Maintenance Department. I drive a golf cart carrying three trash can rollers to load all the recycling in. It relates to my career interests because it’s part of maintenance. The skills I have learned from the job are emptying recycling bins from every building on campus, not driving the golf cart too close to the edge of sidewalks, and taking the key out whenever I park. The things that I enjoy about my work at UMFS are driving the golf cart, working for maintenance, traveling and visiting to every building, and dumping everything out. I’m working my way up to the UMFS Maintenance Department because it relates to the job I’m most interested in, using the four words fixer, repairman, handyman, and mechanic.”