Why Join Charterhouse School?

At Charterhouse School, you have the opportunity to collaborate with a team of professionals who are passionately committed to our mission and dedicated to working with families and children. In turn, we extend our caring philosophy to our employees.

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A School for Unwavering Champions!

Fast Facts



What Our Staff Says

What does a Specialist do?

  • A specialist is responsible for behavior management in the classroom to make the environment conducive to learning for all students
  • A specialist is with the students the most of all staff—from the beginning of the day to the end
  • A specialist collects data to see what behavior patterns are disruptive and develops plans to see how they can be changed or improved
  • A specialist is the liaison between kids/parents/cottage staff (in Richmond)
  • There is one specialist per classroom, but there’s a policy of “1 school 1 roof,” meaning that specialists work together as a team to address the needs of ALL classrooms.

What Our Students Say

“Something I like about Charterhouse School and staff is when I mess up they remind me of this quote: “Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift—that’s why they call it the present.””


“Something I like about the school and staff is that you guys help us a lot and I feel like I’m in regular school.”


“Charterhouse School is to help you figure out what is your plan in life, the staff are like your parents. They are here to support you throughout your journey and they don’t discriminate.”


“I like how it gives you knowledge, and for those who think that they know it all (like me),  it teaches us humility and respect for others.”


“They make it fun and they will talk to you about the problem you are having. They help you with school work and you can get the one on one help you need.”


“Charterhouse School is the place that will help you and your family, and if you’re in Charterhouse School and you need a family just open your eyes and look around. They’re right there.”