The Charterhouse School Difference

Personally and passionately helping students extend their reach.

A Reality-Based Approach to Academics

Our teachers set high expectations for our students and set them up for success. Student goals vary from returning to their public schools to transitioning to higher education or discovering a successful career path. In every case, we strive to find the individual strengths of each of our students and offer them the support they need. Our supports include a range of introductory vocational classes such as culinary arts, cosmetology, horticulture and video production and the Courage to Succeed college preparatory program for students with neurological differences, such as autism spectrum disorder.

A Challenging, Individualized Curriculum

Students come to us at many educational levels. Our goal is to help them progress and perform to their potential as individuals and as contributing members of society. All students benefit from a core curriculum that is aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning for a broad range of middle and high school courses in language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, health and physical education, art, computer technology and more.

A School Rich in Experiences

Our curriculum also provides students with many opportunities beyond what they would enjoy at mainstream schools. Extracurricular activities such as sports teams, music classes, talent shows, carnivals, field days, and an on-campus ropes course are offered. Students also have the opportunity to experience their surrounding community in new and different ways. These experiences include cultural and educational field trips and generosity projects in which students learn how to give back to others to build stronger community ties.

An Entree to Real Life

Transition services include career and technical education and vocational training on campus and in collaboration with community agencies. Internships and vocational placements help students function as independently as possible. Community-based instruction offers students the opportunity to gain work life experience, social skills, and develop generosity as contributing members of society.

A Philosophy Centered in Courage

The four developmental growth needs identified by the Circle of Courage™: belonging, mastery, independence and generosity inspire everything we do at Charterhouse School. It is widely held that these are the essential needs that must be met in order to flourish and thrive. Charterhouse gives students opportunities to hone these values inside and outside of class.

A Culture of Hope and Joy

Our school is a safe haven for students where they can learn to tackle their daily challenges in a supportive, unintimidating environment. Here, their developmental and social needs are met. That makes this a positive place in their lives.

A Deeply Committed Staff

For the teachers, counselors and administrators at Charterhouse School, passion for our work comes naturally. We’re here for the kids and believe strongly in what we’re doing. We support each other in our mission. We treat each other with respect and dignity, and hold each other to the same high standards to which we hold our students.